Prosecution asks for three-year sentence against man who shot at Denver private investigator

By Denver Private Investigator Blogger Emily Palm

GOLDEN, Colo. – Prosecutors asked a judge Monday to sentence to a three-year prison term a man who fired four shots at a private investigator who was watching him last year.

Marshall Lawson pled guilty last month to attempted manslaughter in connection with an Aug. 4, 2009, incident in which he fired four rounds at a Denver surveillance operative working for Pinnacol Assurance. The surveillance operator wasn’t injured, but a battery pack and a Nalgene water bottle in his backpack were hit with a bullet each. He would have been seriously injured or killed had he not been wearing the backpack when the shots were fired.

The surveillance operative was watching Lawson’s residence from a nearby property when Lawson emerged from the house. The operative told police that Lawson said to him, “I see you up there, I’m gonna’ get a gun.” As the operative frantically packed up, he said Lawson pointed and fired at him.

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2 thoughts on “Prosecution asks for three-year sentence against man who shot at Denver private investigator

  1. Let’s see, if that had been a plainclothes officer surveilling a nearby residence, I doubt it would have been only a three year sentence – maybe tack on a zero after that three.

    The fact that Mr. Lawson told the surveillance operative that he was going to get a gun and shoot him, is suggestive of attempted murder, rather than manslaughter.

    Just goes to show the level of esteem we’re held in by the CJS as a whole.

    Of course that doesn’t stop the operative from suing Mr. Lawson’s behind off. Should be fun watching him defend his case from the bowels of DOC.

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