Ex-Coloradan using False Identity Says He was Investigator for Lo-Do Nightclub

            A former Colorado man who adopted a false identity and says he worked as a private investigator here was in every way a valued employee and an outstanding person, a former business partner says.

            Karalynn Russell says the man she knew as “Jason Evers” responded to an ad she placed for a business partner, and she took him on as a co-owner of her meal delivery business because he had the computer skills she was looking for. “He was intelligent, well-mannered, he treated my kids like he was their big brother, and he knew computers without being a hot-shot know-it-all,” Russell said Friday.

            But one thing he wasn’t was “Jason Evers.”  Federal authorities say his real name is Doitchin Krasev, that he was in the country illegally, and that in 1996 he fraudulently adopted the name and birth date of Evers, who was three when he was killed in Cincinnati in 1982.

            Even though he wasn’t who he said he was, Krasev managed to get a job with the Oregon Liquor Control Commission in 2002, partly based on his claims to have been a private investigator while he was in Colorado.  He was eventually promoted to a regional manager position.

            The Portland Oregonian has obtained a copy of the job application Krasev completed for the liquor commission in 2002. In it he claims to have worked as an investigator for the former Lo-Do nightclub Dick’s Last Resort.  He was provided what was at one time a valid phone number for the club, but by the time he submitted his application the club had closed. The club is part of a national chain; the Denver outlet closed in March of 2001.



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