Colorado State Senator Explains Vote that Killed Bill Targeting Surveillance Operatives

By Emily Palm, Denver Private Investigator blogger

The Democratic state senator whose surprise “no” vote killed legislation targeting workers’ comp surveillance operatives says she’s seen too much fraud from allegedly injured employees to support the bill.

In written comments submitted to the Denver Private Investigator blog, State Sen. Linda Newell of Littleton says she voted against the wishes of the chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee on surveillance legislation because it was “too far-reaching and complicated.”

“I can understand that there are ‘bad actors’ out there who may disregard human dignity ‘just to get their shot,’” Newell wrote.   “Although this is troubling and inappropriate, I believe this particular bill would have penalized far too many people acting responsibly and professionally.”

Newell is a self-employed business consultant who has worked for several firms, most recently the business processing firm StarTek in Denver, where she is a  senior director of learning and development, overseeing employee and organizational development, employee communications and social responsibility.

“As an HR professional, I’ve seen workers’ comp fraud and how surveillance can help uncover it,” she said. “To me, HB 1012 was too far-reaching and complicated.”

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