Private Investigator facing stalking charges released on $10,000 bond

GREELEY, CO. – A private investigator facing two felony counts of stalking after police connected him to a GPS device underneath the vehicle of someone the investigator was tracking has been released on $10,000 bond.

The charges were filed late last month against forty-two-year-old Timothy Allan Stitt of Greeley following an investigation by the LaSalle Police Department.  Stitt faces one count of stalking by making a credible threat against someone and in connection with the threat repeatedly following them, and another count of stalking by causing someone emotional duress. Each is a class five felony.

Although the database record of the case against Stitt indicates that no attorney has yet made an appearance on his behalf, Longmont lawyer Rebecca Pepin told the Denver Private Investigator Blog Monday that she represents a private investigator charged last month with stalking after police discovered the investigator had placed a GPS device on the vehicle of someone he was following. Pepin did not name her client. The Denver Private Investigator Blog identified Stitt from court records.

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