Denver Private Investigator Investigates Waterfowl Fatalities

By Emily Palm, Denver Private Investigator Blogger

A veteran Denver private investigator is using her investigative skills in a bid to figure out why birds, geese and ducks in a Denver lake are dying in alarming numbers.

The high number of dead waterfowl in City Park’s Duck Lake in Denver is prompting questions about contaminated water.  A recent article in “The Profile: Washington Park,” covered the ongoing debate over why waterfowl are dying in disturbing numbers in City Park’s Duck Lake

Among those concerned is Denver private investigator Linda Neely, a volunteer at The Wild Bird Information & Rehabilitation of Denver. Neely hs expressed concern about recycled water put into the park’s lake since 2007. The recycled water includes water from underneath the Lowry landfill, which  for decades was the dumping ground for all manner of radioactive waste, cleaning solvents, pesticides and other dangerous chemicals.

In the business since 1989, Neely works only for attorneys,  on both civil and criminal cases. She recently discussed her concerns about the waterfowl fatalities with the Denver Private Investigator Blog.

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