Dueling Colorado PIs Trade Charges in Battle for Search Engine Rankings

DENVER, Colorado – Two Colorado PIs battling for search engine ranking supremacy are trading charges about the legitimacy of information they’re using to promote their firms’ web sites and undermine their competitor’s.

The Denver Better Business Bureau (BBB) last month issued an “F” rating to Mile High Investigations after its principal failed to respond to a complaint submitted to the BBB alleging that the firm had used phony reviews in online advertising, photos that it purported to be from its own work but which were in fact “stolen” from a competitor’s site, and falsely claimed to have been in business since 1999 when it was, in fact, launched much more recently than that. The firm also falsely said it was BBB accredited.

“We take truth in advertising very seriously,” Denver/Boulder BBB President Dale Mingilton said in a July 26 press release, “especially when it’s clear that a business may be using false information to boast credibility and build trust with the public.”

The BBB said it acted after the firm’s advertising “was brought to” the BBB’s attention. It didn’t say by whom.

Update 8/20/10: the BBB has now provided the complaints it received, but it still won’t reveal the name of the complainant

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For more information on private investigation services provided by Denver-based Ross Investigations, please visit www.milehi-pi.com.


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