Private Investigator Joseph McHale bases mystery in Colorado “because people around the world have a fascination with the state”

Former Colorado Private Investigator turned Florida-based author Joseph McHale recently published his novel “Slope: A Colorado Mystery,” and says PIs will have particular interest in the book. McHale, who says his heart still resides in Colorado, took some time to answer some questions for the Denver Private Investigator Blog about his book and experiences as a cop and private investigator in the sunniest state in the union.

Denver Private Investigator Blog: What will readers enjoy most about the novel?

Joseph McHale: All of the feedback on the novel has been positive. Amazon Books reviewed the book and gave it 5 Stars. Comments have been similar. SLOPE: A Colorado Mystery is a 204-page, suspense-filled thriller with more twists and turns than a pretzel factory. Every page carves a new surprise up to and including the twist ending on page 204. Everyone said the ending was unexpected, but logical. Cops and PIs will especially relate to the day-to-day happenings.

Denver Private Investigator Blog: It looks like you spent some time on the Front Range of Colorado, what made you decide to write about the West Slope?

Joseph McHale: My wife and I love Colorado. I lived there off and on since July 1967. The West Slope was always a fascinating place. Vail, Glenwood Springs and Aspen have always drew me to hem. I vacationed there as often as I could. As a PI, I worked a lot of cases from 1985 through 1990 there. Some were famous in their areas. High-profile might be a better way of stating it. A few were national or international interest cases. I don’t want to put names on my old cases because someone might assume that I wrote about a particular case. I did not.

Denver Private Investigator Blog: Do you ski?

Joseph McHale: I do not ski. I do like to watch skiing, and I like to sit around the fire at the lodge and listen to skiers tell their stories.

Denver Private Investigator Blog: Why did you choose Colorado as the location for your novel?

Joseph McHale: —MORE—


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