Colorado Private Investigator Licensing Bill Clears 2nd Hurdle in Legislature

DENVER, CO – Legislation to give Colorado private investigators the option of getting a license from the state was approved by members of a House committee Wednesday, moving it one step closer to becoming law.

The 8-5 vote in favor of HB1195 by the House Finance Committee means that the bill has now been approved by two House committees. Up next is the House Appropriations Committee, and then the Senate.

Voting in favor of the bill were committee chair Brian DelGrosso, vice-chair
Keith Swerdfeger, and members  Cindy Acree,  Dickie Lee Hullinghorst,  Janak Joshi,  Kathleen Conti, Daniel Kagan and Crisanta Duran. Voting no were Jeanne Labuda,
Don Beezley, Dan Pabon, Spencer Swalm and John Kefalas.

Bill sponsor and House Judiciary Committee chair Bob Gardner of Colorado Springs told finance committee members earlier this month that he is not a fan of mandatory licensing for private investigators. His bill would give PIs the option of getting a license, something he suggested would raise the level of professionalism n the field and give the public a greater degree of assurance about the work of private investigators.

Private Investigator Chris Bray, a member of the Professional Private Investigators of Colorado, testified that the bill would weed out the bad actors, protect the public and begin the process of protecting private investigator’s access to public records. (Bray has long spoken about the benefits of PI licensing.).

Brian Pritchard, director of the business and technical section of the Department of Regulatory Agencies, spoke against the bill. Among other objections, he noted that the bill doesn’t include a provision empowering the state to act against anyone falsely claiming to have a license. Read DORA’s sunrise review of HB 1195.


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