Bill Allowing Licensing for Colorado Private Investigators Almost Law

By the Denver Private Investigator Blog 

DENVER – Legislation allowing private investigators to obtain a license cleared the state Senate Monday, putting Colorado one step closer to ending its status as one of a handful of states that does not license private investigators.

The Bill passed with a 21-13 margin. Assuming the House agrees to amendments added to the bill in the Senate, the bill is headed for Gov. John Hickenlooper’s desk. He has not publicly indicated whether he’ll sign the bill.

Colorado Senators Irene Aguilar, Lucia Guzman, Bob Bacon, Gail Schwartz, Betty Boyd, Mary Hodge, Shawn Mitchell, Pat Steadman, Rollie Heath, Evie Hudak, John Morse, Lois Tochtrop, Morgan Carroll, Cheri Jahn, Linda Newell, Mike Johnston, Jeanne Nicholson, Suzanne Williams, Angela Giron, Steve King, and Senate President Brandon C. Shaffer voted for the bill.

Colorado Senators who voted against the bill consisted of: Senators Mike Kopp, Mark Scheffel, Ted Harvey, Kent Lambert, Kevin Lundberg, Nancy Spence, Greg Brophy, Bill Cadman, Al White, Keith King, Scott Renfroe, Kevin Grantham, and Ellen Roberts.

Under the licensing system created by the bill, licenses could be issued to PIs who have no felony convictions or class one misdemeanor convictions for the past 10 years, and who have 4,000 hours of work experience or 2,000 hours plus some form of as-yet unspecified post-secondary education.



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