Colorado Governor Signs Private Investigator Licensing Bill Into Law

By the Denver Private Investigator Blog

DENVER – Colorado private investigators will be able to obtain licenses issued by the state next year, ending the state’s status as one of a handful that don’t issue such licenses.

Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper Friday signed a bill approved by state lawmakers that creates a licensing system through which private investigators can – but are not required to – obtain a license.

Leaders of the Professional Private Investigators Association of Colorado (PPIAC) spearheaded efforts to get the bill approved. “All Colorado investigators who have long desired to obtain a license can breathe a big sigh of relief,” PPIAC chair Dean Beers said.

Under the licensing system created by the bill, licenses could be issued to private investigators who have no felony convictions or class one misdemeanor convictions for the past 10 years, and who have 4,000 hours of work experience or 2,000 hours plus some form of as-yet unspecified post-secondary education.


7 thoughts on “Colorado Governor Signs Private Investigator Licensing Bill Into Law

  1. Bravo for the State of Colorado. Finally they are following suit with the rest of the country. Making a license mandatory for private investigators will add credibility to our profession and will protect the public as well. LOL, I guess Dog the bounty Hunter won’t be doing much work in Colorado anymore.

  2. It is definitely a positive turn in Colorado to have licensing for private investigators.

    Whether states issue licenses for private investigation companies or allow anyone to conduct investigations without proper training and experience, you will find some professionals and more non-professional investigators to complicate sensitive situations.

    Making licensing a requirement in all states would be a step in the right direction and keeping the bar at a high level for would-be licensees would benefit everyone.

    There are too many under qualified and dishonest private investigators, many who have obtained their licenses through loop holes in the laws or simply by providing false and unchecked qualifying information on their application.

    A cleaner and better policed industry would improve the image of this services based trade and encourage new business while reducing liability and negative customer experience.

    Keep up the good work Colorado!

    Thank you,

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