Colorado Sets Rules for Private Investigator Licensing

By the Denver Private Investigator Blog

Fines of up to $3,000 would be possible for any licensed private investigator who breaks rules adopted as part of the state’s new investigator licensing program, under rules being proposed by the regulatory agency.

The rules – announced Jan. 31 –  would govern implementation of the licensing program approved by the state legislature last year. The licensing is voluntary; private investigators are not required to get a license.

Among other provision, the proposed rules:

  • Require applications to have either 4,000 hours of work as a private investigator over the past five years, or 2,000 hours an associate degree from a college or university.
  • Permit anyone to petition  the agency to “terminate controversies or remove uncertainties” concerning any aspect of the licensing program, including the issuance of licenses.
  • Hold hearings on any petition filed.
  • Fined a licensed investigator up to $1,00 for the first violation of any rule, and up to $3,000 for the third violation

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4 thoughts on “Colorado Sets Rules for Private Investigator Licensing

  1. Wonderful idea. As it’s a voluntary program, it shows the invetigators are willing to have a certain transparency in terms of rules and regulations, it does raise some concerns regarding the privacy of the clients but if this managed with Due Dilligence then this could really work.

  2. Private Investigators really have a keen sense of observation. I bet that makes them superior compare to us common people. That is why they should spend more time on using their observation skill rather than spending it on doing report. Good thing there are ways out there that can make their report easier and faster.

  3. Such a voluntary scheme may also play well in the UK rather than head into the possible tar pit of trying to legislate licensing where presently there is nothing. The UK could learn a great deal from other countries with regard to approach and effectiveness of licensing schemes in the private investigation sector.

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