Backers Say Critical Vote Lacking on Mandatory Licensing for Private Investigators

By the Denver Private Investigator Blog

DENVER – Leaders of the campaign for legislation requiring private investigators to get a license from the state in Colorado said earlier this week that the effort is threatened by likely opposition from a key state senator.

“There is strong support – but we learned today that the chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and possibly others are opposed,” former Professional Private Investigators Association Chairman Dean Beers wrote in an email to PPIAC leaders earlier this week. “There (sic) sole purpose of leaning to oppose is consumer protection. They don’t see it.”


4 thoughts on “Backers Say Critical Vote Lacking on Mandatory Licensing for Private Investigators

  1. As is the case with most industry licensing efforts, the real reason is not consumer protection but artificial creation of entry barriers to further the establishment of a more oligarchic industry — thereby creating higher profits for established industry players. The extremely high licensing fee ($640!!) is evidence of this self-aggrandizing mindset of the licensing supporters. This outrageous amount is, in itself, enough to keep many people out of the industry. Good for the Senator with backbone. I applaud his efforts.

  2. Just a note to say that you can not have a profession where anyone can enter it at a whim. Many jurisdictions have gone thru this debate and real professional associations have prevailed. Personally I believe that to be a professional, one should pay fees appropriate, have appropriate insurance and conduct themselves in accordance with certain standards.

  3. My definition of professional is working hard to be one’s best in a field and enjoying the respect of your peers and customers. I don’t need a government body telling me by a piece of paper whether I’m a “professional” or not.

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