Required Registration for Colorado Private Investigators Derailed at 11th Hour

By the Denver Private Investigator Blog

DENVER – A bill that would have required private investigators in Colorado to register with the state was derailed in the waning days of the legislative session when two Democrats voted against it.

The votes House Appropriations Committee chair Claire Levy of Boulder and committee member Jeanne Labuda of Denver killed the bill after it had sailed through the state Senate.

“I’m not convinced it’s really necessary,” Rep. Levy said. Rep. Labuda said that although she had told bill sponsors she would likely vote for it, she remembered on reflection that she had opposed an earlier bill requiring that private investigators get licenses from the state. And she noted that state regulators did not take a position on the bill.

With the two Democrats voting “no,” the bill was rejected 7 -6.

The bill divided private investigators in Colorado, and its demise likewise generated mixed reactions.


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2 Comments on “Required Registration for Colorado Private Investigators Derailed at 11th Hour”

  1. NITA Says:

    Sounds like this is good news.

  2. alpha1legal Says:

    Hi, they’ve been trying to licence private investigators over in the UK for nearly ten years, although it now looks like private investigators in the UK will now face licensing in 2014, hopefully it won’t be a bad thing, only time will tell!

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