Denver Resident Raises Money to Hire Private Investigator to Find Her Missing Father

By Rachel Sapin
Denver Private Investigator Blogger.

DENVER – When her father went missing in Panama City in June, Denver resident Mariah Ehlert found little solace in search campaigns coordinated by the FBI, learning that they could do little more than local Panama police would allow.

So Ehlert decided she needed an independent investigation of the matter and started a fundraising site to enable her to hire her own investigator: Panama-based Brett Mikkelson of BM Investigations, someone she chose based on his location and his experience with similar cases.

Mariah Ehlert and her missing father Bob Ehlert.
Mariah Ehlert and her missing father Bob Ehlert.

Ehlert has to date  raised more than $6,000 of her $9,000-goal for a case that offers few leads. Her father Bob Ehlert, a 10-year part-time resident of Panama City, disappeared on June 21, while hosting friends at his condo.  The friends staying with him at the time returned one day to find him absent. There was a note explaining that he would be gone for two weeks with someone named “Diane” to look at real estate on a collection of islands known as Bocas del Toro.  The note was later found to be forged by a hand other than Bob Ehlert’s.  His car was missing too, while his boat remained docked at its regular marina two hours away.

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