Proponents of Private Investigator Licensing “No Show” for Debate

By Paul Simon

Denver Private Investigator Blogger

DENVER – What a key opponent of mandatory private investigator licensing intended as a face-off with licensing proponents fizzled when no one showed up to debate.

Even then, there was a disagreement over why that happened.

Rick Johnson had invited leaders of the Private Professional Investigators Association of Colorado (PPIAC) to a debate at the Nov. 19 meeting of his Colorado Society of Private Investigators at the Denver Athletic Club. Both sides knew ahead of time that probably wouldn’t happen.

“I sent an email out five weeks in advance and got an email two days later (from PPIAC Chairman Chris Bray) who said he was busy the evening of Nov. 19. I said ‘can’t you find someone else’ and he said ‘no,” Johnson told about 15 private investigators and prospective investigators at the meeting. He invited anyone who wished to do so to debate him; no one stepped up.

However, Bray said he wasn’t consulted about the date for the debate, which presented a scheduling conflict for him.  He denied he’d exchanged messages with Johnson and said perhaps Johnson talked with someone else. Noting two recent stakeholders meetings about licensing, Bray said, “I’m looking forward to seeing Rick at the next stakeholders meeting.”

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