First Complaints Lodged Against Colorado Private Investigators

DENVER, Colorado – Now that Colorado regulators are in charge of watching over some of the state’s private investigators,  consumers have taken advantage to lodge formal complaints seeking to have investigators punished.

Two investigators were accused last year of failing  to perform as promised, another was  accused of stalking and committing criminal trespass by entering a private gated community,  and another was charged with falsely represented himself as licensed.

The charge about falsely representing oneself as licensed posed the most significant threat, because under the state’s voluntary licensing law even investigators who do not obtain licenses can be prosecuted if they claim they are licensed. That was one of the major selling points designed to encourage investigators to obtain licenses: they could call themselves licensed investigators.

Many Colorado private investigators have licenses form other states, so it’s unlikely the provision of the law would have survived a court challenge if regulators had gone after an investigator who wasn’t licensed in Colorado for saying they were “licensed,” if they had a license from another state.

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