Revised Private Investigator Licensing Bill Sets License Categories Based on Experience

By Paul Simon

Denver Private Investigator Blogger

DENVER, Colorado  ─ Legislation making licensing for private investigators in Colorado mandatory has already been revised, to create two different types of licensees for investigators with different levels of experience.

The latest tweaks to the bill were informally adopted during a stakeholders meeting of bill proponents on Jan. 8 chaired by state Sen. Linda Newell of Littleton, the strongest legislative supporter of the bill. Sen. Newell said the tiered license requirement addresses concerns about an earlier draft mandating one license for all private investigators regardless of experience, with no experience requirement to obtain a license.

Newell said she views licensing private investigators as “protecting the industry and honoring the profession.” Colorado is one of six states that don’t mandate licensing and Newell said she “has heard stories of private investigators coming here who can’t practice elsewhere.”

The revised proposal prepared for introduction into the legislative session that began Wednesday creates one level for inexperienced investigators and a second level requiring a minimum amount of experience. A third category of licenses would enable firms that hire several investigators to obtain one license for all the investigators who work for it and who meet the experience requirement of the second level.

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4 thoughts on “Revised Private Investigator Licensing Bill Sets License Categories Based on Experience

  1. “Only 84 private investigators held these licenses at the end of 2013 and the program”
    I think this is stupid. The voluntary license was a failure ($680 a yr). They promised it would self fund, and DORA lost $40,000.
    They should roll this back and go without any license like before.

    This whole thing is a small group of people trying to use a state license to build their own little guild. I say people should oppose this. If it is anything like the current laws on the books, it will just screw over those working in the field.

  2. I thought the UK P I were having a hard time . . what’ s happening worldwide pick on a Private Investigator ? were are only trying to do a job ! OK not always pleasant . . we do it because no one else wants to . .

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