Mandatory Licensing Bill for Colorado Private Investigators Makes Its Legislative Debut

By Paul Simon

Denver Private Investigator Blogger

DENVER ­­─ The push to require private investigators in Colorado to obtain licenses from the state became a formal campaign Tuesday with the introduction of legislation in the state legislature.

If Senate Bill 133 is approved, all private investigators performing investigative work in Colorado – or simply representing themselves as private investigators – would be required to be licensed or face legal penalties for failing to do so. The program regulated by the Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) would be ­by license fees and charges for fingerprinting and background checks.

The bill would eliminate the voluntary licensing program enacted 1½ years ago that has seen limited participation and that is running an estimated deficit of $40,000.

The measure is sponsored by Sen. Linda Newell, a Democrat from Littleton, and Rep. Jovan Melton, a Democrat from Aurora. It was assigned to the Senate Judiciary Committee. Newell is the committee’s vice-chair. The chair is Sen. Lucia Guzman, Democrat of Denver. Members are Sens. Michael Johnston, Democrat of Denver, Steve King, Republican of Grand Junction and Kevin Lundberg, Republican of Berthoud. The committee hearing on the bill has not yet been set.

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To read the bill, click here


One thought on “Mandatory Licensing Bill for Colorado Private Investigators Makes Its Legislative Debut

  1. Any Colorado PI who is in favor of licensing without knowing the cost of this license might consider seeking therapy.-I would first want to know who is taking care of the $40,000.00 deficit,if money is going be transfered from the general fund to cover the loss that will be a very big deal and any legislator who goes along with this will be getting some very bad, but well deserved press.

    If the $40,000.00 is addressed in the bill,hold on to your body parts,the license will be do high,many will not be able to afford it.

    PPIAC in 2011 fudged the number of pi’s who would obtain the license. They proved DORA and anyone else who listen to them that 250 would do so. With that number DORA set the cost at $340.00-you gotta be kiddin me. News flash,year one arounf 100 applied for the license,drove the next cost to $640.00,as of today 85 licenses have been issued and as we all know the cost is not $1,095.00!! 18 of the 85 are from out of state-nice…

    I heard several hours ago the latest number of potential applicants is 700-WTF,where does this nonesense come from-you want to put your trust with PPIAC who fudged numbers three years ago and appears they are going to do it again,find a therapist.

    PPIAC members how much money do you have ti pay for lobbyists and at the end of the day all you have done is contributed to yoiur own demise.

    For those of you that don’t know after 16 years with PPIAC a,9 year board member and 3 year president the 2011 board kicked me out of the organization because I asked to many questions about licensing-I understand why some members are afraid to ask questions. I want to stress this was the 2011 board,not the current one.

    If anyone is interested in a copy of the letter I received let me know,after yoiu read it you will become enraged with how some of this group,and yes a lawsuit may still be filed against that group.Why is this important you might ask,it gives you a peak behind the curtain of how viscous some in this group is.

    This is nothingmore then market manipulation,many of you will not be in business as a result o this stuff.

    As many of yoiu know this has nothihg to do with consumer protection but the cost of a license

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