Licensing Critic Cites A Whopper: Private Investigators Association Chair Had Membership in Server Association Revoked After Failing to Pay for Services Rendered

DENVER – The chair of the largest association of private investigators in Colorado and the point person behind legislation to require investigators to obtain a license from the state was kicked out of a professional association in 2009 for failing to pay for services he’d contracted for, something a critic says makes a mockery of his and the association’s professed interest in cleaning up the profession with the licensing legislation.

Private Professional Investigators Association of Colorado (PPIAC) Chair Chris Bray had his membership in the National Association of Professional Process Servers revoked in 2009 when he failed to respond to a complaint alleging he’d failed to pay for services rendered by a Colorado Springs process server he’d retained.

“This is the guy that thinks every private investigator should be licensed, to protect the public from unethical investigators,” Colorado Independent Investigators Assn. Chair Bob Oblock notes. “Hahaha!”

Oblock is one of several former PPIAC board members who left that organization, formed their own group and oppose licensing private investigators. They contend it’s unnecessary and imposes a financial burden on investigators, many of whom work part-time and others of whom are retired. The PPIAC is a driving force behind licensure.
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