Private Investigator Who Says He Was Stiffed By Association Leader Says He Still Hasn’t Been Paid

By Ryan Ross

DENVER – A Colorado Springs private investigator who says he was stiffed four years ago by the current chair of the state’s largest association of private investigators says the chair is lying when he says he has since paid up.

Professional Private Investigators Association of Colorado (PPIAC) Chair Chris Bray “has never paid these two outstanding invoices,” Tom Pitts wrote Feb. 3 in an email to a critic of plans to require private investigators to get licenses in Colorado. “If he had, it should be a simple matter for Mr. Bray to produce … proof that the invoices were (paid), (by producing)  …  a cancelled check or remittance. I suggest that no such proofs exists or is forthcoming.”

Pitts’ email is part of a tit-for-tat series of emails during the past few days between PPIAC leaders, Pitts and a Bob Oblock, a critic of the association’s push for legislation requiring private investigators to obtain licenses in Colorado. It occurs as legislators are about to focus on the legislation that its backers say is needed in part to promote ethical conduct by private investigators.

Pitts was reacting to a statement by Bray to the Private Investigator Blog that he did eventually pay two invoices totaling $140 that Pitts had cited in a complaint he’d filed in 2009 with a national association of process servers. Bray didn’t respond to the complaint, and the association revoked his membership.

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One thought on “Private Investigator Who Says He Was Stiffed By Association Leader Says He Still Hasn’t Been Paid

  1. This is a bit off topic:

    I am interested in the $40,000.00 deficit,who is going to be responsible for that-the general fund,which is so wrong that Colorado taxpayers have to pay for the failed experimental volunteer program,or is this amount going to be part of the licensing fee,which is wrong,why should all of us have to pay for this,or is PPIAC going to pay for it,they are the ones that have caused this problem,they should pay!

    What are the requirements going to be for the level two investigator? Some of you that think you qualify might be surprised that you don’t,but be assured that those pushing this license will meet the requirements-whatever they might be..I bet $100.00 this group has an idea of some of those requirements are going to be.

    The number of 700 to 1,000 pi’s, that will have to get licensed if they want to continue in the business ,where did that number come from,how valid is that number,I heard that (PPIAC) has contact information for these folks-really????. I will assume this group that has never been contacted by anyone concerning licensing as it relates to the volunteer program or the mandatory licensing bill,if so why not?

    Remember it was PPAC that exaterated the numbers of how many pi’s would apply for the license. They sold the number of 250,reality at no time from 2011 to the present that number never went over 120.That fudging of the numbers has put us where we are today.This is the same group who is at it again-do you really trust them when thry have a string of phony math and other nonesense?

    Any Colorado pi that is in favor of a bill that does not spell out these issues in advance, might seek out psychiatric assistance.

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