Two Private Investigator Licensing Levels Back in Colorado Bill

By Paul Simon
Denver Private Investigator Blogger

DENVER – The mandatory private investigator licensing bill before the Colorado Legislature has taken a new twist, advancing past the Senate Finance Committee with revised language creating two levels of licensing just as the measure specified when it first was introduced in January.

The sponsor, Sen. Linda Newell, D-Denver, said the newly amended bill is an attempt “to make sure we don’t have any barriers for (anyone) going into the profession” and that she believed it will have the support of everyone.

The revised bill will reflects a desire to keep the licensing fee as low as possible, she said, recognizing “we could dramatically drop the fees with that amendment. That was one of the biggest concerns of our opposition.”

The version of the bill passed late in February by the Senate Judiciary Committee on a 3-2 party vote created “agency” licenses issued to firms whose owners had a minimum level of experience, with registrations available for those working for agencies. Independent investigators would be required to meet the experience requirements, which critics complained would bar entry into the profession.

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