Private Investigators Groups Sets July 24 as National Private Investigators Day

By Susanna Speier

Denver Private Investigator Blogger

DENVER – Hoping to undermine a slew of what its members say are unfair, inaccurate and misleading perceptions people have about private investigators, a national private investigators association decided during a convention in Denver last month to declare July 24 “National Private Investigators Day” with a statement that “encourages all members to join in this day of community appreciation for the important fact-finding work they perform as professional private investigators.”

“There are a lot of negative stereotypes about private investigators,” says David Luther of the National Association of Legal Investigators, whose members approved the proclamation. “There are inappropriate ideas about what we are able to do because of the media and the rogue investigators that reside in federal prisons right now. There’s the sense that private investigators will do anything – right or wrong – for their clients. There are investigators that do that, but the law enforcement is catching up with them.”

Citing TV shows such as Magnum PI and Rockford Files as examples, Luther says “one of the most difficult things is the perception by the public and legal community that we’re able to do things that we actually cannot do because of legalities. People think you can just go into a magic computer and find out all this information about people. That’s not the case. We can access more information than the general public, but that is licensed information given to us because of our credibility.”

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Luther cited Rockford files and Magnum P.I. as two great examples of inaccurate portrayals of private investigators. Share your favorite examples of inaccurate private investigator portrayal in the comments section below.


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