Colorado Private Investigations Industry Regulator Has Major Military Background

By Susanna Speier

Denver Private Investigator Blogger

DENVER – The regulator in charge of Colorado’s private investigators has a small background in investigations and a major background with the military, his resume indicates.

Mark Browne – named earlier this year to implement the legislation requiring that all Colorado private investigators get licenses from the state by July 1, 2015 – has been an intern with a big city police department and the consumer protection division of a state Attorney General’s department, but those stints are so far in his background he doesn’t even list them on his resume.

Instead, the resume focuses on his military experience, which began a decade ago when he was a troop fire support officer with the US Army, stationed at Fort Carson in Colorado Springs.  He writes in his cover letter to state officials that his job was to advise the troop commander on all technical and tactical aspects of lethal fires and non-lethal effects and to supervise the training, welfare, combat readiness, safety and morale of a three-member fire support team.

The Denver Private Investigator Blogger submitted a records request for Browne’s resume after a department spokeswoman refused to respond to a question about Browne’s professional background.

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3 thoughts on “Colorado Private Investigations Industry Regulator Has Major Military Background

  1. Anyone this passionate about working for the government will not have the right mindset for this job. Actually, there shouldn’t be a job. No industries should be regulated by the government. And I mean zero. The most highly regulated industries are invariably the most notoriously inefficient and consumer unfriendly: e.g. banking, airlines, utilities, defense contractors.

  2. I’m confused…
    Although the background of an employee of the regulating agency overseeing the PI licensing program might be important, why is this the only focus of this ‘blog’ since the passing of mandatory licensing in Colorado?

    In August, the last entry for this blog six weeks ago, the commentary was entitled ‘Colorado Regulators Offer Limited Information About Mandatory Licensing Program for Private Investigators’ – but not one question about the program was asked, only about the program director. Which apparently is why this ‘follow-up’ masterpiece was crafted. This blog can’t even get the information about PI Day and it origins correct (the blog in July). Not very competent investigative journalism.

    How about focusing on the importance of elevating consumer protection and professionalism through reasonable mandatory licensure and fees? A background check and verified experience are minimum standards that address these issues.

    This licensing will require all private investigators to go through a CBI and FBI background check as well as know some basic laws with regard to the profession of private investigators. New mandatory licensure in Colorado will assist in preventing any stalker, sexual predator, felon, etc., from becoming a private investigator.

    How about discussing the importance of increased consumer protection and elevating our profession? Presently DORA (Department of Regulatory Agencies) is in the process of rule making and test development. How about those more important topics?

    The answer is simply because Ryan Ross has always opposed licensing – but why? He has been asked and has never answered. If you’re going to blog about our profession – make it factual and useful.

    Regards, Dean

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