Colorado Private Investigator Regulators Set Annual Fee for Licenses at $330

By Susanna Speier
Denver Private Investigator Blogger

DENVER – Colorado private investigators will be required to pay $330 a year for the right to continue their work after June 1 as the cost of obtaining a license under the state’s new mandatory licensing law.

The cost for the license was announced January 5 by Mark Browne, program director of the Office of Private Investigator Licensure at the Colorado’s Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA). “We appreciate that any application fee is a real cost to businesses and have set the fee as judiciously as possible to fulfill the General Assembly’s intent as well as the needs of private investigators,” Brown said in announcing the fee.

The fee will apply for both investigators with no prior experience, and experienced investigators seeking what the department calls a “level II” license.

In addition, investigators will be required to obtain a $10,000 bond, the cost of which is normally between $50 and $200. And they’ll have to pass an online, “open-book” test.

The same day that Browne made the announcement of the license fee an audience of the almost 50 private investigators clustered into a conference room for a hearing hosted by regulators on the rules for implementing the new licensing law. The PIs asked for clarifications of the rules implementing the licensing law, and expressed a variety of concerns:

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One thought on “Colorado Private Investigator Regulators Set Annual Fee for Licenses at $330

  1. Really, someone explain to those of us who wanted nothing to do with licensing your complaining about your law that comes with rules, regulations and the country’s biggest price tag (way to go guys!) You fought so hard for this nonsense and when it doesn’t come out the way you want, you embarrass yourselves and the profession with your complaining about issues that you should have anticipated prior to the process starting.

    This law will do nothing to protect consumers which is what you sold this to the 2014 Colorado State Legislature, but we do know for sure it will cost every license holder around $450.00, plus a few hours of time and will limit competition, oh, I forgot we have become the laughing stock of license holders around the nation, I know how important that is to some of you who are concerned about such things.

    My offer still stands, I will debate any Colorado pro licensing person that was involved in this nonsense between 2010 to the present, surely the one who is on a national stage, is a legend in his own mind and has referred to the Colorado Society of Private Investigators as the ‘fledging’ group would relish the opportunity.

    Thanks, Rick Johnson

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