Final Private Investigator Rules for Colorado Look a Lot Like Proposed Rules

By Susanna Speier
Denver Private Investigator Blogger

DENVER – The rules governing Colorado’s new program for licensing private investigators are speeding through the approval process with nary a hint that anything private investigator say about them is making a difference.

The rules have been approved by the state’s Attorney General and filed with the secretary of state. Next up, they’ll be pushed later this month in the Colorado Register – the state’s official rule book. They’ll be effective March 2.

Despite the myriad concerns raised at a public hearing last month, the final version shows only one noticeable change from the previous. For those seeking a senior-level license, any work they did with the military police or military intelligence branches can count toward the 4,000 of investigative experience required to obtain what the regulators called a “level II” license. There is no experience required to obtain an entry-level – or level I – license.

In other words, regulators are now being a wee bit more lenient with the experience requirements. Otherwise, not a lot stakeholder commentary managed to stick.

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