Start Your Test-Prep Engines: Colorado PI Group Sets Licensing Test Seminar

Start Your Test-Prep Engines: Colorado PI Group Sets Licensing Test Seminar

By Susanna Speier
Denver Private Investigator Blogger

GREENWOOD VILLAGE – Two days after the new Colorado licensing rules for private investigators officially go into effect, the state’s largest private investigator’s group is set to host a free one- hour licensing preparation seminar that’s open to both members and non-members.

The session hosted by the Professional Private Investigators Association of Colorado (PPIAC) is set to be held during the group’s next monthly meeting,

4:30 pm at CB & Potts, 6575 Greenwood Plaza Boulevard in Greenwood Village.

The seminar is designed to help private investigators pass the “jurisprudence exam” they’ll have to take sometime during the next two months in order to obtain a license by June 1. The mandatory licensing program is new. It was created by the 2014 legislature.

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2 thoughts on “Start Your Test-Prep Engines: Colorado PI Group Sets Licensing Test Seminar

  1. The group that brought to us the most ridiculous and most expensive one year license in the country is going to host a training seminar on the open book test to get a pi license-am I missing something here,what do they know we don’t know. Perhaps they can remind all in attendance the benefits of licensing,how we and the public will benefit.

    Rick Johnson

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  2. Jurisprudence Examination and Tutorial

    The open book,feel good,politically correct test we have all been waiting for -this will surely make us all better private Investigators and will keep the public safe!-oh,forget to mention the $25.00 test fee,guess someone forgot to add that to our cost,puts us close to $500.00 for that entertainment card,oops I mean license,plus our time.

    I just can’t wait to call myself a LICENSED COLORADO PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR (even though I had to first pay the government ),I will finally be a professional after 40 years!!

    Rick Johnson

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