First Month of Applications Nets Not Even 100 Colorado Private Investigators

By Susanna Speier
Denver Private Investigator Blogger

DENVER – The pace at which Colorado private investigators sign up for licenses under the state’s new mandatory licensing program will have to triple during the final month of the recommended applications period in order to make the program financially viable, according to figures released to the Denver Private Investigator Blog.

During the first month of the applications period, 78 licenses were issued, according to the Department of Regulatory Agencies Private Investigator and Electrical and Plumbing boards licensing Program Director, Mark Browne. Five applications are “incomplete,” six are “pending” and four have either been — More—


One thought on “First Month of Applications Nets Not Even 100 Colorado Private Investigators

  1. The Colorado license my favorite topic of discussion, hearing a few rumors that suggest some Colorado PI’s are contemplating or have already had their personal photo’s affixed to their Government issued ID, aka Private investigator license. Don’t know if true, however if so would suggest reviewing CRS 18-5-102, the Colorado Forgery Statute, paragraph 1, subsection e, and while at it review 18-5-101 the definition section.

    Altering a written instrument officially issued or created by a public office, public servant or government agency…class 5 felony.

    I missed the forgery section on the pi test, however I believe the director would find this to be troubling if any of this true.

    Rick Johnson

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