Is Trustify the “Uber” of the private investigator world?

By Susanna Speier
Denver Private Investigator Blogger

Following its June 2015 launch, Trustify has garnered tons of media attention. Most recently, it was featured in Pursuit Magazine, a trade publication for detectives and private investigators.

Here’s how writer Chad Nichols characterized the fledgeling company’s user experience and summarizes its services in Pursuit:

“Any curious person can download an app to their mobile device, and within minutes, Trustify will process their request to find out things like whether “my partner is cheating on me” or if “the person I’m dating is who I think they are,” among other options. The company was started by D.C. area tech entrepreneur Danny Boice. Customers are changed $67 an hour (of which the investigators get $30) for its on-demand service.”

After gaining a 30% user uptick following the Ashley Madison hack it strategized on ways to — More—


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