Why Colorado private investigators should not miss the Sherlock Holmes exhibit at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science

By Susanna Speier

Denver Private Investigator Blogger

DENVER – The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes exhibit opened at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science last Friday with a Sherlock themed fashion show. Yes, fashion show.

While detectives may be cultivators of a refined and specialized skills set –astute observation and inductive and deductive reasoning— forecasting the next season’s fashion forward runway trends isn’t generally first and foremost on the private eye agenda.

That said, the three part exhibit that the party and fashion show opened —which consists of (1) the development of forensic science and its intersection with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s medical education and the real life inspiration for Sherlock Holmes (2) an interactive forensic science section enabling exhibit attendees to solve a fictitious crime using forensic science (3) Sherlock in pop culture and Hollywood in shows like Elementary, Sherlock and C.S.I. — is a must see for any Rocky Mountain region based private investigator. Repeat: if you are a Colorado PI then this exhibit is a must see!

“Sherlock Holmes is the Jedi Master of — More—


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