Interview smarter – interviewing people with PTSD – part 2 – interview with Michael de Yoanna

Michel de Yoanna is the director of “Recovering,” a documentary film chronicling the lives of injured troops healing from the wounds of war. The film follows troops still in and recently out of the military facing lost limbs and post-traumatic stress. They are healing through a simple recreation: bicycling. He is also a producer/ reporter at Colorado Public Radio (CPR).

Denver Private Investigator Blogger What makes interviewing military vets with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) so challenging? Or anyone with PTSD for that matter?

Michael de Yoanna It’s a challenge to interview to anyone who has post-traumatic stress disorder. The first issue is, you may not know whether the person has PTSD or not. I can’t say for sure whether someone has PTSD or not. I’m not a psychiatrist. Though, I am familiar with the clinical definition in the DSM.

Denver Private Investigator Blogger Do you recommend PIs familiarize with that definition?

Michael de Yoanna Yes. Let them say what it means. When someone has PTSD, they’re not going to define it as if they read the DSM (and they probably didn’t) so it’s best to ask how they handle it how they live with it what they’re doing to recover.

Denver Private Investigator Blogger The facts are what win in court, though — More—


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