Complaints Filed Against Five Private Investigators Licensed in Colorado

By Ryan Ross

Five of Colorado’s 400 newly licensed private investigators have been accused of violating the state’s licensing law. Complaints were received by state regulators since following June 1 of last year, when the state’s voluntary licensing law became mandatory All private investigators operating in Colorado were required to obtain licenses.

The Denver Private Investigator Blog obtained the complains by submitting a records request and the five private investigators (whose names are excluded from the article) have been charged with the following violations:

  • Not obtaining a license
  • Harassing the husband of a woman who had children by a prior marriage on behalf of the ex-husband/father by going to the husband’s residence after the husband had referred the private investigator by phone to his attorney, and stood by when the woman’s ex-husband threatened the current husband by saying “we can do this nicely or do it my way.”
  • Not responding to a request for a $400 refund after a client complained that the private investigator has failed to disclose he “did know” someone he had been hired to investigate. The private investigator’s client said the private investigator told her he had found “nothing — More—

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