Apps for private investigators: Dark Sky weather prediction software’s unique “time machine” feature

Working on a slip and fall case that requires data specifying what the weather in Englewood was on a specific day a year and a half ago? What about that ten month old personal injury investigation that requires evidence of a Colorado Springs hailstorm at a specific time on a specific date? Was it truly a dark and story night in Westminster on leap day five years back or is a witness’ testimony questionable?

The Dark Sky website, funded through ongoing Kickstarter donations, provides fast and free access to weather data. It’s unique selling point is it’s accurate hyperlocal weather prediction abilities so while you may find it useful for figuring out whether or not rain will prevent you from flying a drone in your Highlands Ranch yard in the next five minutes, what provides the most value to private investigators is the option to punch in the date and location of your choosing using the “time machine” feature.

You can access the “time machine feature” by — More—

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