Using the Series 2 Apple Watch as a Private Investigator

If you’re looking for an excuse to invest in a Series 2 Apple Watch (which run as high as $399) and do surveillance work, Emmy Award winner investigator, Brian Bates of Bates Investigates has just scripted your justification -I mean- tax write-off for you.

“The primary reason I justified the price is the fact it works very well as a covert audio recorder. You can easily pay $200+ for a quality audio-only watch audio recorder. I’d rather spend the money on an Apple Watch that does much more and is superior in quality. Sure, cell phones record audio – but they are widely recognized as audio recorders and people are on alert for them. To me, in my work, a covert audio record is indispensable.”

Bates had also purchased the version 1 iteration when that came out however he returned it after two weeks. Generation 2, by contrast is

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