Investigators at sea

Do detectives frequent luxury liners outside of Agatha Christie mystery novels? Not usually. That’s about to change, however, thanks to California and Arizona licensed Private Investigator, owner of Allen Investigations, LLC and now P.I. Cruises creator, Debra Allen.

Although the retired law enforcement officer’s new initiative isn’t launching without pushback ––a few naysayers have actually expressed concern regarding the potential impact on the field’s credibility— that isn’t stopping private investigators from working Labor Day, Columbus Day and Veterans Day cruises to The Bahamas, Alaska and Mexico into their schedules.

The concept of training vacations is “new to PIs but not new to mortgage lenders, Bankers are Realtors.” Allen points out that it’s a great way to — More—


3 thoughts on “Investigators at sea

  1. Why would the naysayers think this might diminish our credibility? What difference does it make where you are when you take the class or listen to the lecture as long as you do it? However, this is not that unusual. I hosted the 1993 World Association of Detectives’ Conference and we did a trans-Atlantic crossing on the QEII followed up by a few days of business meetings, elections, etc. at the Waldorf=Astoria in NYC.

    I was quite fortunate to be able to invite whomever I wanted to as far as CE speakers were concerned since I was in a position to offer free cruises. I was elated when world famous scientist, the late, great Barry Gaudette from the RCMP who revolutionized police investigative tools around the globe, said yes. He envisioned the potential of DNA analysis in forensic science and helped bring the technology to labs around the world. It was his testimony before various Congressional committees that broke the Kelly-Frye arguments we repeatedly faced here in Los Angeles.

  2. Hi Susan, I had a difficult time making sense of why the naysayers were being so contentious. Perhaps they feel threatened by potential competition in the their own training programs? That’s World Association of Detectives trans-Atlantic event sounds amazing. And what an incredible time to be on the cutting edge of DNA analysis — right before the OJ trial!!! Are you currently organizing PI events? I’m always looking for story ideas! By the way our main blog is located here: You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter

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