Resolved and unresolved family mysteries

Last month, in Switzerland, a couple was found seventy-five years after they disappeared. They were headed up the mountain to milk the cows and ended up staying there until the Tsanfleuron glacier near a ski lift above Les Diablerets resort at an altitude of 8,600 ft began receding seventy-five years after the search parties had given up.

Because their 1942 clothing and backpacks were so well preserved it was clear to local Swiss police that something was unusual. Marcelin and Francine Dumoulin were 37 and 40 at the time they went missing. According to Time Magazine, Udry-Dumoulin, who is now 79, and became an orphan when she was four, said she and her six siblings spent their “whole lives” looking for their parents, “without stopping.” She told Le Matin that they hoped to give them “the funeral they deserved one day” thereby finally achieving closure, once the DNA results verified the identities.

The Independent ran a story about the funeral that enabled to two surviving children of the couple to finally get closure. Marcelene who was four the day her — More—


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