Felony menacing charge issued to the Denver deputy who pulled a gun on a Colorado private investigator

By Susanna Speier
Denver Private Investigator Blogger

In a story that hopefully shed’s more light on the challenges Colorado private investigators face, 9News’ Kyle Clark and Anastasiya Bolton reported that Denver Sheriff’s deputy Bret Martin Carbone, has been charged with felony menacing after a Nov. 6 incident that occurred when Carbone pulled a gun on licensed private investigator, Tom McGhee at Carbone’s Commerce City home in Adams County.

The incident, which was also reported by The Denver Post’s Tom McGhee, occurred when licensed Colorado investigator Tom Mills knocked on Carbone’s door. The earbud wearing, NASA t-shirt clad man who opened the door said his name was “John” and he was just at the house to look after the dogs. That was a lie.

Sensing he smelled a rat, Mills returned to his car and used Facebook to verify that the earbud wearing, NASA t-shirt clad guy at the door was not

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