Apps for private investigators: Dark Sky weather prediction software’s unique “time machine” feature

Working on a slip and fall case that requires data specifying what the weather in Englewood was on a specific day a year and a half ago? What about that ten month old personal injury investigation that requires evidence of a Colorado Springs hailstorm at a specific time on a specific date? Was it truly a dark and story night in Westminster on leap day five years back or is a witness’ testimony questionable?

The Dark Sky website, funded through ongoing Kickstarter donations, provides fast and free access to weather data. It’s unique selling point is it’s accurate hyperlocal weather prediction abilities so while you may find it useful for figuring out whether or not rain will prevent you from flying a drone in your Highlands Ranch yard in the next five minutes, what provides the most value to private investigators is the option to punch in the date and location of your choosing using the “time machine” feature.

You can access the “time machine feature” by — More—

Accident investigation intensive for Colorado private investigators and attorneys

Has anyone taken the time to walk you through the state-of-the-art traffic accident reconstruction technologies now available? If you are a Colorado private investigator or lawyer who would like to get a better grasp on FARO 360 and how 3D laser scanners can be used, here’s your chance.

ACTAR (Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction) certified re constructionist, Michael Miranda will teach day-long intensives for PIs and attorneys starting this month. The first course is being held in Colorado Springs and is worth 8 C.L.E. credits Denver and Ft Collins workshop dates will follow soon.

After Miranda retired from a long-time Colorado State Trooper career in 2008, he set up shop as a Monument based private investigator. Altogether he has — More—

Top ten spy strategies we used from Spy in the Wild on PBS Nature

The series finale of PBS Nature’s Spy in the Wild series: meet the spies just concluded on Rocky Mountain PBS and it wasn’t really a spy show. For any Colorado private investigator interested in the present and future of the surveillance, however, this will be a fascinating watch.

If you’re an under cover operative, even better. There is, in fact, so much to be gained from observing the dynamics of the animal world you would probably have a difficult time persuading yourself not to binge watch now that the series itself has aired and is available online in its entirety.

After spending the last few weeks watching and making observations we compiled a list of the top spy skills the show taught us for the Denver private investigator community . We assume no responsibility for — More—

Black History Month – double agent James Armistead

By Susanna Speier
Denver Private Investigator Blogger

For the last day of Black History month we’re playing tribute to double agent, James Armistead. Born into slavery James Armistead was owned by William Armistead, who granted him permission to join the American Continental Army where the Marquis de Lafayette urged him to pose as a runaway slave so he could join the British army and gather enemy intelligence.

After securing the trust of British officer’s Benedict Arnold and British General Charles Cornwallis, Armistead guided British troops through the Virginia thoroughfares he’d grown up navigating, while listening in on officer discussions regarding upcoming raids and battle plans. Most of the time he actually listened in plain view of British officers –who didn’t regard him as a threat– and then delivered intelligence reports to Lafayette before returning to British headquarters to gather more intelligence.

One of Armistead’s detailed reports, dated July 31, 1781, provided the intelligence that Washington and Lafayette used to — More—

SeriesFest at Sie features pilots about investigators

Looking for something to do in Denver this Saturday? In its second season at Denver’s Sie Film Center and lauded by Westword as “one of the most unique festivals to launch in Colorado” (also featured in the #2 spot on their top ten Colorado film festival list) SeriesFest is where you need to be.

And if you’re an investigator –private or otherwise– looking for (A) entertainment (B) what the entertainment industry gets wrong about investigators (C) what the entertainment industry gets right about investigators. (D) inspiration (E) All of the above, then Drama Block Four on Saturday, June 25th at 3:15 is the one we recommend because both pilots feature investigators.

The first pilot of the block is Farr, created by Aidan Largey. Set in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Farr follows Michael Gallagher, an ambitious young detective investigating the city’s most — More—

Interview with MasterChef contestant and Private Investigator, Barbara Savage

When we first learned a private investigator was competing on the Fox reality cooking competition, MasterChef we were intrigued but dubious. Why had the show changed her title from “Private Investigator” to “Investigator” we wondered. The fact she wasn’t licensed in the State of Colorado but claimed “Denver” as her hometown also gave us pause and our previous post reflected that.

We have since then completed an interview learned not only that Barbara Savage has an interested Denver (her father taught at DU) history but the MasterChef contestant is a hard working private investigator as well as a gifted one and we look forward to following her on MasterChef which airs Wednesday 8/7c on Fox.

If you would like to learn more about her work as a private investigator or need a Los Angeles based PI you can reach her through her company AplusPI.

Denver Private Investigator Blogger: What’s your background in investigating?

Barbara Savage: My father was a CIA agent. He was Condoleza Rice’s International Afairs Professor at DU. She used to come to our house for dinner. I grew up not knowing who my dad was, but I had a deep desire to become a police officer when — More—

2016 PPIAC Conference takes place in Denver this September

From Friday, September 22nd to Saturday September 24th investigators from over the country will convene at the Renaissance Hotel in Downtown Denver where the Professional Private Investigators Association of Colorado (PPIAC) 2016 Rocky Mountain Private Investigators Conference takes place.

Conference topics will include skip tracing techniques, deep web data mining, trial preparation, investigator ethics, computer forensics and witness interviewing techniques. A detailed schedule of events with — More—