Interview with MasterChef contestant and Private Investigator, Barbara Savage

When we first learned a private investigator was competing on the Fox reality cooking competition, MasterChef we were intrigued but dubious. Why had the show changed her title from “Private Investigator” to “Investigator” we wondered. The fact she wasn’t licensed in the State of Colorado but claimed “Denver” as her hometown also gave us pause and our previous post reflected that.

We have since then completed an interview learned not only that Barbara Savage has an interested Denver (her father taught at DU) history but the MasterChef contestant is a hard working private investigator as well as a gifted one and we look forward to following her on MasterChef which airs Wednesday 8/7c on Fox.

If you would like to learn more about her work as a private investigator or need a Los Angeles based PI you can reach her through her company AplusPI.

Denver Private Investigator Blogger: What’s your background in investigating?

Barbara Savage: My father was a CIA agent. He was Condoleza Rice’s International Afairs Professor at DU. She used to come to our house for dinner. I grew up not knowing who my dad was, but I had a deep desire to become a police officer when — More—

2016 PPIAC Conference takes place in Denver this September

From Friday, September 22nd to Saturday September 24th investigators from over the country will convene at the Renaissance Hotel in Downtown Denver where the Professional Private Investigators Association of Colorado (PPIAC) 2016 Rocky Mountain Private Investigators Conference takes place.

Conference topics will include skip tracing techniques, deep web data mining, trial preparation, investigator ethics, computer forensics and witness interviewing techniques. A detailed schedule of events with — More—

Skip tracing tactics seminar for process servers looking to broaden their skiptracing skills arsenal

Whether you’re a Colorado based process server looking to punch up your skill set or a fledgling who wants to do more than just get your feet wet, you’d have a lot to gain by investing your Saturday in a Process Servers Association of Colorado (PACES) day long seminar at the Serve Now offices on Blake street in Downtown Denver.

In addition to process servers and private investigators, skip tracing –the process of locating the whereabouts of someone whose contact information isn’t immediately known– is employed by debt collectors, lawyers, debt collectors, police detectives, debt collectors and even journalists so don’t assume — More—

Colorado “Investigator” competing for title of MasterChef

According to Fox, an investigator named Barbara Savage will be one of 40 chefs competing for the MasterChef title on the Season Seven premiere of the reality cooking show. The show airs tonight at 8/7c on Fox.

Savage is from Colorado, however, she is not registered as a licensee with Colorado’s Department of Regulatory Agency (DORA). This leads one to doubt she is a — More—

CBS passes on new Nancy Drew series

By Susanna Speier
Denver Private Investigator Blogger

According to IndieWire CBS just rejected the new Nancy Drew pilot it produced on grounds it skewed too “female.” Or, as the MarySue points out that the pilot actually “tested well” but

Related stories: 85 years of Nancy Drew and Nancy Drew drives female empowerment agenda.

again “skewed too female for CBS schedule.” The pilot envisions the legendary teenage detective as a thirty-year old New York Police Department (NYPD) detective.

Outrage over the cancellation was not — More—

Private investigator helps track down horse thief

By Susanna Speier
Denver Private Investigator Blogger

According to Sun Sentinel reporter Kate Jacobson, 36 year-old Elena Richart Escota was arrested last week for horse theft. Sixty-two year old Mexico City resident Gonzalo Senosiain had left three prized horses, worth $220,000 under Escota’s care.

After noticing a surge of excessive Visa card activity, Senosiain demanded Escota return to Mexico with the horses. When his phone messages went unreturned and she vacated the Wellington property –taking the horses with her– he got a private investigator on the scene.

While Jacobson’s article does not specify the word done by the private investigator –there were also deputies involved– one can infer the attempted $65,000 online sale of one of the horses, on Facebook pages and groups was the work of a PI and — More—

Professional Private Investigators of Colorado hosts a Surveillance Workshop

If you want to become a surveillance investigator or to improve your current surveillance skills, now is your chance. On Saturday, May 21, 2016, the Professional Private Investigator’s Association of Colorado (PPIAC) will convene an all-day, surveillance symposium at the offices of PINow, located at 3120 Blake Street, downtown Denver, Colorado.

Ryan Johnston of Night Moves of Denver, John Morris of EVCO Investigations and Stason Ikenouye of Opsolv will discuss vehicle surveillance, foot surveillance, insurance surveillance, infidelity surveillance, and safety practices.

The instructors have nearly a half-century of combined surveillance work. You can learn from their experiences, and you will have — More—