Colorado’s new misconduct rule: what will the consequences be?

The day was overcast and unseasonably warm. The staff of Colorado’s Judicial Center was professional and friendly. “That’s actually a job?” the front desk receptionist asked when I handed the business card listing my title as the “Denver Private Investigator Blogger,” over the round, dark wood receptionist table.

Indeed it is, I explained and could I schedule a meeting with Attorney General, Cynthia Coffman or one of her media representatives to discuss Rule 8.4 C?

Following its September 28, 2017 announcement, I’ve only heard shocked and horrified responses from the private investigator community. Jesse Paul’s Denver Post article stated “lawyers can now engage in conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation when advising law enforcement officers, investigators or clients during lawful investigative activities. The Colorado Attorney General’s Office says they can’t personally conduct such subterfuge, but can supervise those actions.”

Let that sink in. Attorneys —the ones who
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Felony menacing charge issued to the Denver deputy who pulled a gun on a Colorado private investigator

By Susanna Speier
Denver Private Investigator Blogger

In a story that hopefully shed’s more light on the challenges Colorado private investigators face, 9News’ Kyle Clark and Anastasiya Bolton reported that Denver Sheriff’s deputy Bret Martin Carbone, has been charged with felony menacing after a Nov. 6 incident that occurred when Carbone pulled a gun on licensed private investigator, Tom McGhee at Carbone’s Commerce City home in Adams County.

The incident, which was also reported by The Denver Post’s Tom McGhee, occurred when licensed Colorado investigator Tom Mills knocked on Carbone’s door. The earbud wearing, NASA t-shirt clad man who opened the door said his name was “John” and he was just at the house to look after the dogs. That was a lie.

Sensing he smelled a rat, Mills returned to his car and used Facebook to verify that the earbud wearing, NASA t-shirt clad guy at the door was not

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Private investigators aren’t buying black cube’s apology

On November 9th we covered Ronan Farrow’s New Yorker story revealing Harvey Weinstein’s connection to the Israeli private investigative agency, Black Cube. A Black Cube board member had just apologized and promised to donate money earned from working on the Weinstein case to women’s organizations. So we asked private investigators what they thought of Black Cube’s apology, expecting to gather a range of reactions. Here’s what — More—

Denver law firm representing plaintiffs in defective eclipse glasses class action law suit.

The bad news is that the most viewed eclipse in history resulted in permanent eye injuries for people who purchased counterfeit or defective eclipse glasses on Amazon. The good news? If your eyes were fried by last month’s eclipse, there is now a class action personal injury lawsuit pending and one of the law firms representing the plaintiffs is the Hannon Law Firm, LLC which is conveniently located on Downing Street in Denver, Colorado.

The class action lawsuit against Amazon was filed on August 29th by a Charleston, South Carolina couple who sustained eye injuries after viewing the August 21st eclipse. The compensation is an undisclosed amount that will exceed $75,000 according to the Class Action Complaint on file. “Corey Payne and Kayla Harris said they experienced headaches and vision impairment after using the glasses to watch the US eclipse on 21 August,” reported the BBC last week.

Amazon issued a recall on August 10th, however the South Carolina couple says they were not notified in time and ended up viewing the eclipse through defective glasses. The couple experienced headaches, watery eyes and dizziness in the hours following the eclipse and reported experiencing distorted

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Denver Private Investigator Blog ranked 4th in the country by PI Now

This summer, the Denver Private Investigator’s Blog made the PI Now list of top private investigator blogs!! It ranked 4th place after Brian Willingham’s Diligentia blog (which ranked #1), Pursuit Magazine (which ranked #2 and with whom the Denver Private Investigator Blog has a content partnership) and Guns, Gams & Gumshoes (which ranked 3rd). We are honored to have The Denver Private Investigator Blog: Mile Hi PI featured among so many other informative and well renowned online publications.

PI Now’s rating system was based on the premise that the private investigation blogs most worth your time contain the following criteria: they are readable and interesting. The website is accessible and easy to navigate and the content is relevant and regularly updated.

Meanwhile, as summer winds down and we all dust off our nonexistent fedoras and shake out our trench coats, plans for the Rocky Mountain region private investigator conference are currently underway.

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2017 PPIAC Conference in Westminster this September

The annual Professional Private Investigators of Colorado (PPIAC) conference will be held in Westminster, Colorado this year from September 14th to September 16th. Owner and lead investigator of Richard Brooks Investigations, LLC will be the featured speaker. In addition to being the Mission Chapter Director of the Mississippi Association for Christian Private Investigators.

Richard is also a member of other international and state PI associations. Most notably the Council of (PI) Association Leaders, the National Association of Legal Investigators, the National Council of Investigation and Security Services and the International Association of Legal Investigators, the National Council of Investigation and Security Services and the International Intelligence Network.

He is former active duty military and civilian law enforcement and a certified forensic interviewer who has been designated and testified as an <a href="— More—“>— More—

Resolved and unresolved family mysteries

Last month, in Switzerland, a couple was found seventy-five years after they disappeared. They were headed up the mountain to milk the cows and ended up staying there until the Tsanfleuron glacier near a ski lift above Les Diablerets resort at an altitude of 8,600 ft began receding seventy-five years after the search parties had given up.

Because their 1942 clothing and backpacks were so well preserved it was clear to local Swiss police that something was unusual. Marcelin and Francine Dumoulin were 37 and 40 at the time they went missing. According to Time Magazine, Udry-Dumoulin, who is now 79, and became an orphan when she was four, said she and her six siblings spent their “whole lives” looking for their parents, “without stopping.” She told Le Matin that they hoped to give them “the funeral they deserved one day” thereby finally achieving closure, once the DNA results verified the identities.

The Independent ran a story about the funeral that enabled to two surviving children of the couple to finally get closure. Marcelene who was four the day her — More—