The Denver Private Investigator Blogger meets Chicago’s iO Theate

By Susanna Speier
Denver Private Investigator Blogger

CHICAGO – I am standing onstage, front and center. Members of Sears Tower, the night’s featured comedy improv troupe at Chicago’s io Theater are grilling me on the details of my personal and professional life:

“What did you eat for breakfast this morning?”
“Where do you live?”
“What do you do for a living?”
“What’s that ring on your finger?”
“What do you write about?”

Granted, I had some idea of what I was getting myself into when troupe member, Jo Feldman asked for an audience volunteer to come up onstage and talk about her or her day so they could transform it into an improv about a dream that person might have at night. I did not, however, anticipate the level of interest and enthusiasm being a blogger for a private investigator in Denver would arouse in both troupe and audience.

“I asked what you did and you said you write blogs for private investigators,” Sears Tower company member, Jon Forsythe later told me in a phone interview “and I was like cool, that’s like Watson.”

“Watson?” I asked Forsythe to -MORE-

Colorado’s Mandatory Private Investigator licensing program is now only 49 registrants short of 400

By Susanna Speier

Denver Private Investigator Blogger

DENVER – As of June 3, 2015 there are 87 licensed Level One and 264 licensed Level Two Private Investigators in the State of Colorado, according to the Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA). Private Investigator Licensing Program Director, Mark Browne. At 351, the number of licensed PI’s in Colorado now comes in 49 short of the Department of Regulatory Agencies’ target number of 400. — More—

Process Servers Association of Colorado to discuss legislature petition at stakeholder meeting this Friday

By Susanna Speier
The Denver Private Investigator Blogger

DENVER – The Serve Now offices, located at, 3120 Blake Street in Denver, will host a Process Servers Association of Colorado (PSACO) stakeholder meeting on May 30th between 10:00 and 11:30 a.m.

The meeting’s purpose is to discuss the organization’s plan to “petition the Colorado Legislature for the Registration of Process Servers exemption to trespass and obstruction of service.”

— More—

Colorado Private Investigator Licenses Headed Toward 300

DENVER – Colorado private investigators came out of the woodwork during April and the first half of May to obtain state-issued licenses, but the licensing program still faces an uncertain future because of lower-than-projected sign-ups.

As of May 18, 286 licenses have been issued to private investigators, according to figures compiled by state regulators. Of those, 225 were for senior investigators and 66 for those with less experience than the required 4,000 hours to qualify for experienced status. — More—

Workshop set to Help Investigators Build Their Businesses

By Susanna Speier

Denver Private Investigator Blogger

DENVER – Want to take your PI practice to the next level but need some guidance and perhaps a little nudge?

On Saturday, April 25th the Professional Private Investigator Association of Colorado –-the state’s largest association of investigators– is offering a full-day workshop on exactly that topic called “The Basics of Building your PI Business.”

According to their blurb on the PPIAC site, the workshop “is specifically designed for newcomers to the private investigation industry.”

Although we could not track anyone down for comment, the EVCO Investigations website provided a blurb posted by John L. Morris listing with topics to be covered that included: — More—

First Month of Applications Nets Not Even 100 Colorado Private Investigators

By Susanna Speier
Denver Private Investigator Blogger

DENVER – The pace at which Colorado private investigators sign up for licenses under the state’s new mandatory licensing program will have to triple during the final month of the recommended applications period in order to make the program financially viable, according to figures released to the Denver Private Investigator Blog.

During the first month of the applications period, 78 licenses were issued, according to the Department of Regulatory Agencies Private Investigator and Electrical and Plumbing boards licensing Program Director, Mark Browne. Five applications are “incomplete,” six are “pending” and four have either been — More—